Article 1: Linx S.A. (the “Company”) is a publicly held company (sociedade anônima de capital aberto), governed by these Bylaws and by the applicable laws and regulations.

Paragraph One: With the Company‘s listing on the special listing segment named Novo Mercado of BM&FBOVESPA S.A. – Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias e Futuros (the “BM&FBOVESPA”), the Company, its shareholders, Management members and members of the Fiscal Council, if on duty, are subject to the provisions of the Novo Mercado Listing Rules of BM&FBOVESPA (the “Novo Mercado Listing Rules”).

Paragraph Two: The provisions of Novo Mercado Listing Rules shall prevail over the provisions of these bylaws, in case of injury to the rights of recipients of public offerings provided herein.

Article 2: The Company‘s head office and jurisdiction are located in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo at Avenida das Nações Unidas, nº 7221, 7º andar, sala 1, Edifício Birmann 21, Pinheiros, CEP: 05425-902, and the Company may, by resolution of the Board of Executive Officers, open branches, agencies, offices and other establishments, as well as appoint agents and representatives, in any part of the country or abroad.

Article 3: The corporate purpose of the Company is:

(i) Services related to infrastructure and hardware, data management, monitoring and storage in cloud environment (cloud computing) consulting, advisory services and development of computerized systems (software), exploring third party or proprietary rights of use of computer systems, services of data processing, outsourcing of information technology services and support to accounting and general administrative services, especially those designed for accounting of corporate incentives, such as airline mileage and gifts, hosting and development of websites, developing of activities related to credit cards, gifts, purchase clubs, mileage card and similar, through the capture, transmission, data processing and settlement of transactions resulting from the use of credit and/or debit cards, of Direct Consumer Credit – CDC, purchase, withdraw and other means of payment; accrediting entities or individuals, suppliers of goods and/or service providers for acceptance of credit cards and/or debit card, Direct Consumer Credit – CDC, purchase, withdraw and other means of payment, trade, import and export of equipment, including computers, new and used, peripheral equipment, parts, systems and programs for electronic equipment, equipment leasing, development of personal or commercial computer language courses, marketing of books and magazines, selling general supplies for computers, technical assistance related to its business, consulting services and training courses for personal development; development of complementary activities or related to corporate activities, logistic services, such as, handling and storage of finished products, orders and physical distribution; receipt, checking and handling products (packaging, labeling, ironing, putting on hangers, kits or packs), plus shipping and freight management; logistics advice in general, including review of processes and layout definition, studies and projects of logistics network, geographical location of distribution centers and factories; analysis of equipment implementation and technical feasibility, drawing, design and installation of equipment for handling and storage, training, technical assistance and equipment maintenance; lease (excluding operational leasing) and storage of equipment; lease (excluding operational leasing) and sublease of space for storage of merchandises; participation in other companies (sociedades simples ou empresárias), predominantly involved in non-financial activities, as partner or shareholder; the exercise of franchise activity and rendering of services related to loss prevention, logistics, research, monitoring, consulting, advisory or other services, whether for retail segment, wholesale, distribution, logistics, industry or services, as well as the development, maintenance, assessment, licensing, sub-licensing and systems technical support (software) for the mentioned services;

(ii) Management of network maintenance services not involving generation, transmission and reception of communication signals, provision of access to world wide web internet, provision of technical assistance services, including leasing of assets and properties, colocation, hosting (with and without lease of assests) and “data centers” (including or not the provision of data processing);

(iii) Telecommunications services in general, such as transmission of data, images and sounds by any means, including circuits and network services, telephony, for any systems including internet, import and export services for the telecommunication;

(iv) General administrative services to companies in which it participates;

(v) Participation in other companies, whether national or foreign companies, as a partner, shareholder or quotaholder; and

(vi) Representation of other companies, whether national or foreign companies.

Article 4: The Company shall operate for an indefinite period of time.