Currently, a significant volume of debit and credit card transactions pass through the cloud gateways managed by Linx (R$14.6 billion in 2015). Moreover, this network connects the headquarters, branches and stores promoting traffic of data from various types of management software, including those based on cloud and electronic funds transfer. The network has its own infrastructure in dozens of the largest malls and backbone in the primary data centers with redundant host systems.

With a technology team that monitors, manages and provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Linx has its own network operational center and an efficient help desk for the stores. Thus, it is possible to interconnect headquarters and branches across the country with secure and high-performance dedicated links, through which many critical and high value added retail services traverse, particularly those based on cloud.

We actively seek to expand our connectivity and electronic payment mechanisms. With the increase in debit and credit card transactions, as well as the adoption of cloud-based software, the importance of and demand for these solutions has increased.

We offer connectivity and electronic funds transfer services as a complementary solution to our software solutions and our primary strategy is on cross-selling to our existing customer base. Customers using our connectivity and electronic funds transfer solutions may experience improved performance, stability and availability of our other software solutions.