Our in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian retail sector also enables us to offer focused innovative, scalable and machine-learning technology, tailored to the retail market as well as e-commerce platforms, data analytics and OMS technology fully integrated with our ERP software.

Our Linx Digital product line is subdivided into three categories:

According to the 2020 IDC Survey, spending related to e-commerce solutions in the Brazilian market totaled R$696 million in 2019, or 11.4% growth over 2018, with Linx as the second biggest player with a 13.75% market share.

Based on our knowledge of the retail sector, we believe that e-commerce has significant growth potential in Brazil. In addition, the e-commerce conversion rate (which represents the rate at which shoppers enter a retailer’s website and ultimately purchase a product) in Brazil was only 1.4% in 2018 according to the E-commerce Radar 2018 Survey published by ABCOMM. We believe that our product and service offerings will positively impact these rates through our rapid cycle of innovation as well as our Linx Digital capabilities, including big data and machine-learning technologies, each of which form an integral part our “Linx Impulse” strategy.