In October 2018, we further expanded our platform to include payment solutions through Linx Pay Hub in response to our customers’ ever-evolving needs. We believe that our ability to offer payments solutions powered by a full-fledged platform allows us to explore new product verticals at lower customer acquisition costs, differentiate ourselves from other commoditized and/or non-integrated solutions and increase our client loyalty. We believe these services can also be an important source of future growth given our relevant market share in the management software retail sector, high customer retention rates and superior services. In 2019, approximately R$300 billion in GMV were processed in our Linx Core platform. Our goal is to cross-sell and convert as many of our customers into Linx Pay Hub and capture a large share of this revenue opportunity. We are confident in our ability to execute this strategy given our product portfolio integration and compelling value proposition.

Our Linx Pay Hub product line offers wide range of services and solutions to our merchants, including mainly the following:

With the combination of our core and digital solutions and the capabilities of our payments platform, our customers are able to have a seamless experience.