Notice to the Market – Dividends Payment

São Paulo, August 08, 2016 – Linx S.A. (“Company”), hereby informs that The Board of Directors approved today the following dividends:

1. Total amount: R$16,000,000.07 corresponding to R$0.113308513 per share.

2. Payment Date: August 24, 2016.

3. Company’s shares will be traded ex-dividends from August 15, 2016, inclusive.

The dividends will be added to the mandatory dividend relative to 2016, in accordance with the Article 9, Paragraph 7, Law 9.249/95, item V, CVM Instruction 207/96 and Paragraph 2, Article 37 of the Company´s Bylaws.

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Dennis Herszkowicz
Finance VP and Investor Relations Officer

Alexandre Kelemen 
Investor Relations
+55 11 2103-1575