Date Company Retail Vertical / Technology Material Fact
May-08 Apparel
Dec-09 Apparel
Dec-09 Home Centers
Dec-09 Eletronics, Supermarkets and Drugstores
Dec-10 Dealer Management Software
Dec-10 Dealer Management Software
Feb-11 Apparel and Eletronics
Jun-11 Dealer Management Software
Dec-11 Franchise / Cloud
Aug-12 Food Services / Cloud
Oct-12 Mobile / Cloud







Linx IPO
Mar-13 Gas stations / Convenience stores
Mar-13 TEF for samll retail chains
Jul-13 Services Retail
Nov-13 Gas stations / Convenience stores
Nov-13 Gas stations / Convenience stores
May-14 Gas stations / Convenience stores and Food Service
Oct-14 Drugstores
Dec-14 Drugstores
Sep-15 E-commerce
Sep-15 E-commerce
Nov-16 Gas stations / Convenience stores
Jul-17 Big Retail
Oct-17 E-Commerce
Dec-17 E-Commerce
Mar-18 Drugstores
Apr-18 Loyalty Management
Jun-18 E-Commerce
Apr-19 Micro and small retailers
Jun-19 E-Commerce
Oct-19 Apparel
Jan-20 Means of payment
Feb-20 Food service
Sep-20 Human Resources
Nov-20 Technology
Jul-21 Technology

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