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Our advertising engine is designed to help industries and manufacturers improve their return on investment, or ROI, of their online advertising expenditures. Using our engine allows industries and manufacturers to reach customers with significant buying potential at the right time through the largest online stores.

Our advertising engine also helps online publishers that make advertising available earn additional revenue without cost or effort, and without interfering with the customer’s experience. The advertising engine allows publishers to monetize their websites through highly relevant ads for branded products, stores, and sales partners. As of the date of this prospectus, we have not generated material revenue from our advertising engine.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We consider our CRM applications innovative and distinguished. It is entirely cloud-based and focuses on enabling retailers to manage and interact directly with customers.

We offer a broad portfolio of CRM applications that are designed to help our customers to manage their sales processes more efficiently, integrate marketing campaigns and content into their sales processes more efficiently and deliver high-quality service to their customers. CRM provides information to increase acquisition and retention and to maximize quality of service to the brand’s consumers. Our CRM solutions provide information to our customers to allow them to appeal to new customers as well as re-acquire and reactivate inactive customers through marketing campaigns, loyalty programs and corporate gift cards, as a complementary offering to our other software solutions. The main focus is on cross-selling to our existing customer base.


Our e-commerce platform is fully integrated with our ERP software. This is an important competitive advantage, because it makes inventory, customer, and process management easier and more accurate on the part of retailers. The platform is entirely cloud-based and its primary focus is cross-selling to our existing customers.

E-commerce services consist of the receipt of (i) wholesale orders and the monitoring of sales targets, (ii) directed sales to the final consumer and (iii) an interactive electronic catalog with information about inventory and prices, among others, that are integrated to the ERP system.

Our e-commerce solutions are designed to enable our customers to offer consistent, relevant and personalized cross-channel shopping through catalog, merchandising, marketing, research and guided navigation, personalization, automated recommendations, and live help capabilities. This combined platform is designed to enable our customers to strengthen customer loyalty, improve brand value, achieve better results of operations, enhance customer service and improve response times in online and traditional commercial settings.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is a software platform developed to integrate the various departments of a company, enabling the automation and storage of all business information. We offer this solution both in cloud versions, especially for franchises and smaller customers, and as an “on-premise” solution for franchisors and larger chains. We offer expertise in all processes and legislation linked to the sector, seeking to adapt our product portfolio to each company profile, regardless of size or business model, and with solutions that seek to cover and aggregate all aspects of the company. We can serve customers from different verticals of retail, such as clothing, footwear, accessories, food service, car dealerships, construction materials, department stores, electronics and computing, among many others. The main modules of our ERP are:

  • Commercial: sales order management integrated with internal and external partners;
  • Industrial: control of production, from purchase with suppliers to delivery of product to the logistics department;
  • Supply: inventory management, pricing and timelines for replacement of products and materials;
  • Administration: business information and analysis for directors and managers;
  • Logistics: inventory control of raw materials and finished goods, cash and deposits
  • Financial: operations that are necessary for the company’s financial management, by creating parameters on the applicable rules; and
  • Accounting and taxation: management of regulatory and administrative information.

The ERP solutions are designed to fit the size and profile of our customers in accordance with their needs:

  • Medium retailers: We provide to medium retailers an ERP solution that controls different business phases, from production to in-store sales with a user-friendly interface, high safety standards, high degree of flexibility and low implementation costs;
  • Large stores or chains: We offer robust solutions for this retail profile, which we believe is ideal for large stores or chains, serving everything from financial, accounting and tax processes to inventory management, production, logistics and sales;
  • Franchisors and franchisees: We offer an ERP franchise model, entirely online and with resources that cover everything from management of POS to information management.
Linx Analytics

Linx Analytics was designed to help retailers monitor in real time the day-to-day of running a business. Linx Analytics allows retailers to access graphs, benchmarks, product performance, user information, employee performance and other management tools.

Linx Bridge

The increase of devices connected to the Internet in stores requires a faster network with greater availability and data security.

We have a suite of customized solutions to help retailers connect their consumers, protect their data and connect their network through a single point of contact. Moreover, the network connects headquarters, branches and stores promoting traffic of data from various types of management software, including those that are cloud-based and EFT.

We have a technology team that monitors, manages and provides support seven days a week. We are able to interconnect headquarters and branches across the country with secure and high-performance dedicated links, through which many critical and high-value add retail services are transferred, particularly those that are cloud-based.

Linx Digital Account

Digital account linked to a prepaid card natively integrated with Linx Pay and other solutions of the Company. Linx Digital Account will allow the retailer to pay its bills and bank slips, wire to third parties and employees, pre-paid mobile phone recharge, withdrawals, online and offline retail purchases, among others.

Linx Gift Card

Our Linx Gift Card facilitates the development of sales strategies for stores, chains or franchises in a unified manner, allowing them to maintain control over promotions. Our Linx Gift Card interface is friendly, secure and offers several sales opportunities that generate an increase in average use and customer loyalty. Using brand strength and consumer relations, it is possible to increase the flow of shoppers in physical stores, keep track of purchases, redemptions and promotional campaigns, as well as use promotions in an integrated manner with e-commerce, physical stores and inventory. The platform also allows users to design campaigns using our Linx Gift Card, other promotional gift cards and cash-back services, among other options. As of the date of this prospectus, we have not generated material revenue from Linx Gift Card.

Linx Pay Hub

We believe that our primary market differential for the next several years is our end-to-end platform that integrates our payment processing products (namely, our Linx Pay, EFT and conciliation products) with our management software (Linx Core) and our omni-channel technologies (Linx Digital). Through our product offerings, we provide retailers a seamless experience through one point of contact, allowing them to focus on their core businesses.

Linx Pay Hub offers a wide range of applications to our customers including:

  • Linx Pay: Our sub-acquiring business. For customers, Linx Pay works as if it were an acquirer at attractive rates. For acquirers, Linx Pay works as a distribution channel, increasing processing volumes;
  • Electronic Funds Transfer: EFT is a “middleware” between POS software and the retail acquirer that allows our customers to direct credit and debit card transactions to their merchant acquirer of choice (credit and debit card processor), among other functionalities. This entirely electronic payment solution is also fully integrated with our ERP software and has been adopted by more than 40,000 POS. Through EFT, we have a unique opportunity to capture a significant volume of debit and credit card transactions pass through the cloud gateways managed by Linx.We actively seek to expand our electronic payment mechanisms. With the increase in debit and credit card transactions, as well as the adoption of cloud-based software, the importance of and demand for these solutions has increased. We offer EFT services as a complementary solution to our software solutions and our primary strategy is on cross-selling to our existing customer base. Customers using our EFT solutions may experience improved performance, stability and availability of our other software solutions.

  • Reconciliation solution: a transparent, optimized and efficient solution designed to improve business and financial management while providing unique insight into merchant flows;
  • Prepayment of Trade Receivables: easy-to-use and effective receivables management providing working capital solutions for retailers;
  • Gateway: an online payment gateway for e-commerce;
  • Payment Split: efficiency gains and cost savings platform that provides the unique ability to split payments between different recipients; and
  • Shopbit: a free management software for micro and small retailers. Shopbit provides entrepreneurs with easy to use and customizable management tools (e.g., orders and inventory management), which can be accessed from any device, such as a smartphone or tablet. While the software license is free, revenues are generated as each transaction using Shopbit is processed via Linx Pay.
  • QR Linx: integrates digital payment applications (e.g. e-wallets) with Linx Pay´s retail clients, allowing the acceptance of new payment methods in an integrated and native way through business automation, TEF and payment reconciliation solutions.
  • Payments Link: It allows retailers to offer customers a secure link to pay for their purchases via messaging applications. The tool is fully integrated with the retailer’s POS, eliminating the need for a website to make a not-in-person sale.
Linx Promo

Linx Promo is a platform that facilitates the planning of promotions in a unified way, seeking to achieve the best results in each campaign, based on the needs of a retailer’s business.

Linx Promo helps create promotions with diverse personalization criteria including: segmentation by audience, schedule, type of client, payment method, combos, birthdays, progressive discount vouchers and gifts.


MID-e is a middleware application used to connect the Linx systems with the Brazilian tax authorities for the purpose of issuing an electronic invoice (NFe), and electronic consumer receipt (NFCe), in an integrated manner.

MID-e Portal provides the retailer access to monitor the status and cancellation of electronic documents, registration certificates and information dashboards, as well as a complete control panel that displays all rejected invoices in real time. The platform is completely digital, and updates quickly, facilitating tax management. Explanatory charts also help the retailer analyze data and information accurately.


Via smartphones or tablets, customers are served in a fast and customized manner, with no lines and far more interaction with the variety of products offered in the store. We offer solutions for different retail segments using features such as the virtual catalog, lookbook combinations, inventory query, pre-sale and sale record, waitlist and closure of service. Examples of mobility modules include:

  • Fashion (Moda): extends the interaction of the brands with their customers, who can use and interact with the collection’s lookbook, add their favorite pieces to a wish list or share them on social networks, find the nearest shops, access the brand’s blog and stay attuned to all the latest fashions;
  • Shopping (“Mall”): allows users to easily gain access to mall information, such as a list of shops and food service, up-to-date movie schedule, calendar of events, news, sales, parking availability and payment, directions and descriptions of all services offered.

Mobile solutions are offered in cloud and are integrated with our other software. These offerings focus on cross-selling within our existing customer base.


By using Linx Omni OMS technology, retailers can meet orders originating from any channel, regardless of where the product is located. Our OMS product offers multi-channel purchasing processes that integrate stores, franchises and distribution centers, thereby providing a single channel for our customers that decreases inventory shortage, generates more consumer traffic and increased sales.

Our OMS product is divided into two modules:

  • Omni OMS module: A smart cloud-based suite of communication channels facilitates the interaction between business operations and applicable tax and accounting regulations. The Omni OMS module is responsible for integrating all systems associated with the OMS, such as the retailer’s ERP, customer service, logistics, e-commerce platform and mobile solutions, among others.
  • Omni in-store module: This module is connected to a physical store’s POS software, helping transform the store into a distribution center. The in-store module allows the store operator to confirm that a customer has placed an order and monitor the necessary steps to ship or reserve the product, including: choice of packaging, labeling, separation for pickup and interaction with the carrier for delivery, among others.

Through our OMS product, retailers are able to manage the following functionalities:

  • Ship from store: This functionality supports several customer requests by turning each physical store into a distribution center that can dispatch products to any requested address. The following criteria is used to define the unit from which each product is shipped: quantity of available inventory, freight cost, store Service Level Agreements, location and taxation considerations, among other criteria;
  • Ship to home: This functionality allows customers to buy products from physical stores and request delivery to any address.
  • Ship to store: Product availability is important when a customer wants to try, exchange or buy a product at a particular store location that is convenient for the customer. Ship to store allows one store to ship products to another store, thereby allowing any store to be a viable pick-up location.
  • Pick-up in store: Customers can place an order through any channel and then pick-up their purchase at a physical store. If a product is not available at a particular store location, ship to store will deliver the product to a store or distribution center chosen by the customer, so that he or she can pick-up their order.
  • Click & collect: Click & collect allows customers to reserve products at physical stores so that they can view the product at the store before deciding to make a purchase.
  • Return in store: For an even more complete shopping experience, a retailer can allow its customers to exchange products at physical stores or franchises even if the product was purchased through our e-commerce channel or any of our other channels.
  • Showrooming: The showrooming interface allows a retailer to view all of the inventory for a brand available on the network so that the retailer can sell products at any physical store without experiencing inventory shortage.
Point of Sale (POS)

We offer software solutions for our customers’ in-store terminals where sales transactions occur. In the vast majority of cases, these solutions are integrated with our own ERP software. In some cases, our POS solutions can also be integrated with ERP software from other suppliers.

We offer expertise in all processes and legislation linked to the specific retail segment in which our customers operate, seeking to adapt our POS profile to each customer, regardless of size or business model, with solutions that seek to cover and aggregate all of a store’s operational needs. We can serve customers from the most varied retail verticals, such as clothing, footwear, accessories, food service, car dealerships, construction materials, department stores, electronics and computing, among many others.

We offer solutions that control two key sectors of the retail outlet:

  • Terminal operation software and POS: pre-sale operations management software, sales, cash management, store inventory, accounting and tax management, receipt issuance, NFE and customer registry; and
  • Store maintenance and management: entry and exit of goods (inventory control), terminal configuration and administrative tasks.
QR Linx


QR Linx integrates digital payment applications (e.g. e-wallets) with Linx Pay´s retail clients through a single QR Code, allowing the acceptance of new payment methods in an integrated and native way through business automation, TEF and payment reconciliation solutions.


Reshop is a multichannel platform designed for complete campaign management that works seamlessly with the retailer’s POS, capturing real-time data, and offering best practices for the retailer to achieve a higher rate of sales satisfaction.

Our search solution uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to ensure that customers find the products they desire through e-commerce channels, thereby impacting click through rates, or CTR, conversion rates and revenues per session.

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