Linx believes that sustainability should permeate the organization in the economic, social and environmental dimensions, from a responsible management, focused on long-lasting results for the company and the society. Our sustainability strategy is anchored in strategic points, as the generation of value for the company and its stakeholders, support to education, the efficient use of natural resources, and the management of solid waste.

This commitment can be represented by the actions taken and partnerships carried out by Linx.

Movimento Arredondar
Linx, in partnership with the Movimento Arredondar, was the first platform to offer its clients a technological solution that is changing the culture of donation in Brazil. Systems Linx POS, Linx Microvix and Linx Degust have already enabled final consumers to round the cents of their purchases for a qualified donation: the rounding value is at most R$ 1. The system is only deployed when the companies that use the technology solutions from Linx adhere formally to the Movimento Arredondar.
The movement follows all customers‘ implementation of Linx on several fronts: tax development, legal, training and communication of the points of sale. In addition, it selects and monitors the social organizations that receive donations – and reports on its website in real time, ensuring transparency. Social organizations are aligned to the 8 Millennium Development Goals of the UN (United Nations). Every operation of the Movimento Arredondar is audited by PWC since 2012.
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Junior Achievement
Linx and Junior Achievement have signed a partnership toward the reform and modernization of the Mini-Company Program, creating a new version, the Mini-Company by Linx. Considered the “flagship” of the organization, the Mini-Company program provides 2nd-year high school students with economics and business experience in the operation of a student company. From now on, the project, which will be applied in public schools around the country, will feature a digital management tool and a virtual community for current students and ex-Alumni. The Mini-Company program by Linx will be applied in 17 classes and will benefit approximately 400 young people from São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais between 2015 and 2016. Junior Achievement will guide the public school students of technical high school and will prioritize the exchange of ideas between them for the development of technological solutions.
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Instituto Ayrton Senna
In partnership with the Instituto Ayrton Senna, Linx supports the education of children and youth in Recife and metropolitan region. The project supports the implementation of the Policy of School Learning in Recife and surroundings, through literacy-targeted educational solutions (“Se Liga”) and accelerated learning of Elementary School students (“Acelera”). Combating illiteracy and the distortion between the age of the student and the grade he/she attends, the educational solutions of the Instituto Ayrton Senna give students the opportunity to gain knowledge and acquire the skills needed to follow their trajectory and recover the lost years. Through these educational solutions, aimed at the correction of school flow, the Board of Education of Recife aims to help about 2,218 public school students in 2015.
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Warm Clothing Campaign
Since 2010, Linx supports Warm Clothing Campaign, of the Social Solidarity Fund of the State of São Paulo, collecting clothes and blankets for the poor population in the State of São Paulo, charities, homes, communities, prisons, hospitals, hostels and daycares.

Incentive to Culture
For the União Brasileiro-Israelita do Bem-Estar Social (Unibes), from São Paulo, the company provides, since 2006, the management systems for the traditional donation bazaars at various points of the capital city. Unibes benefits from the donation of LinxERP licensing software, support and maintenance, and training hours for volunteers of the entity. Linx support contributed to organize and give transparency to internal processes and, with that, enhance the sales and inventory control and do the commercial management, taking the actions to a new level. The institution serves more than 14 thousand people, including families, children and the elderly, with a variety of projects related to social assistance, education, health and culture.
In the cultural area, it promoted the sponsorship of the book “Vitrinas: História, arte e consumo em São Paulo”, by specialist author Sylvia Demetresco. It tells the history and evolution of intrinsic activity to glassmaking, which consists of retail creation and decoration of shops showcases for various retail activities. The book was sent as a Holliday gift to customers of the company.
Also in the cultural area, Linx supported the exhibition São Paulo: a new look at the story that offers a city tour through the history of retail trade and its influence on the urban transformations of the 19th century. The exhibition was held at the Sé station of São Paulo Metro for forty-five days, interacting with more than 11,700 people by means of monitors and interactive presentations.
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In the environmental area, in actions for the conscious use of natural resources, the company has invested in the program of Selective Collection of Waste, the EcoLinx. The system was deployed in units of Bauru, Belo Horizonte, Joinville, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Uberlândia and Blumenau. With the selective collection program, the company gives appropriate destination to recyclable waste and contributes to the increase of income for trash pickers.

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