Article 52: The Company shall comply with shareholders agreements filed at its head office in accordance with Section 118 of the Brazilian Corporations Law, and the Chairman of Shareholders Meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors shall refrain from computing the votes contrary to the relevant terms of shareholders agreements.

Article 53: The publications required by the Brazilian Corporations Law shall be made in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo and in another newspaper of broad circulation.

Article 54: The provisions of Article 45 hereof shall not apply to existing shareholders who already hold a number of share equal to or greater than ten percent (10%) of the total shares issued by the Company and its successors, so qualified on the date of publication of the commencement notice of primary and secondary public distribution of shares of Linx S.A. (“Commencement Notice”, Anúncio de Início) relating to the public offering of primary and secondary distribution of shares of the Company (the “Offer”) by applying exclusively to those investors who purchase shares and become shareholders of the Company after the effective date of the adhesion and listing of the Company on the Novo Mercado.

Article 55: The provisions contained herein shall only be effective from the date the Company receives the registration of publicly-held company by the CVM, requirement which has been filed before the CVM on December 5, 2012.