As a company focused exclusively on retail, we believe that having our own teams to implement, customize, support and advise customers regarding our software is a critical factor in our success and an advantage that sets us apart from our competitors. We understand that proximity to customers allows us to not only improve the quality of our solutions, but also to expand and improve our understanding of the dynamics of different vertical retail businesses.

Our implementation system must be properly configured to meet the business requirements and work within the internal processes of each of our customers. After a customer signs the service contract with us, our implementation sector installs the customer‘s software systems, customizes its settings to meet the customer‘s business needs and trains the customer to use the system. Our implementation services include:

For the implementation of the solutions purchased by the client, service hours will be allocated according to the needs of the project and will be recognized in our results during the fiscal period in which they are provided. Following installation, we begin to collect maintenance fees.