Our Linx Core product line provides integrated business management systems. Linx Core products cater to the entire retail chain, from business automation software that performs all necessary operations at the POS to comprehensive ERP applications, which include, among other features, inventory management, CRM tools, financial, accounting and tax management, product lifecycle management, supply management, loyalty programs, e-receipt and other interconnected features. By offering our POS as a primary product, we are able to cross-sell many of our ERP capabilities by highlighting the seamless experience they provide. As of December 31, 2019, more than 70,000 retailers used Linx Core.

We design our Linx Core software products to enable retailers to adapt to changing business requirements through consistent innovations and frequent upgrades that provide new functionalities and support our customers’ navigation of the complex Brazilian tax system as well as evolving regulatory requirements. According to the 2020 IDC Survey, spending related to software in the Brazilian retail market totaled R$1.5 billion in 2019, or 12.2% growth over 2018.

Our software products are evolving in response to performance demands and user experiences. Furthermore, through our cloud-based infrastructure we can derive even more operating leverage as we continue to grow our services and solutions, resulting in increased margins.

Through Linx Core, we believe that we have the capability to offer our customers simple and cost-effective solutions that meet their requirements, personalized for their size and their verticals. Our modular and cloud-based solutions efficiently serve both small, medium and large-scale enterprises as well as large multinational retail chains. We offer our customers in-depth operational knowledge and best practices across a variety of verticals, including clothing stores, vehicle dealerships, pharmacies, electronic goods and household appliances stores, department stores, home improvement stores, fast food chains and gas stations.