We prioritize direct assistance to our customers, given our focus on retail, long-term solutions and the expertise of our professionals. Our direct channels consist of business managers dedicated to our customer base (known internally as “farmers”) and business managers responsible for prospecting new customers (known as “hunters”). Our sales team is specialized in retail and is knowledgeable about the specialized needs of companies of different verticals and sizes and the various solutions we offer. We focus our efforts and manage the opportunities created by our business managers through a single CRM software program, which facilitates cross-selling of our products and allows for greater visibility of our sales results. We also have specialized sales planning and management teams that seek to standardize methodologies and processes and increase the productivity and efficiency of our sales activities. In addition, we have a sales office in Belo Horizonte in the State of Minas Gerais, which is responsible for seeking out and scheduling initial visits for our hunters.