Our indirect sales channels consist of franchises and sales representatives. These sales channels allow us to be present in places where we do not have our own sales offices. Our 126 franchises are mostly exclusive product distribution channels through which we acquire new customers and negotiate solutions in the regions where we operate. Our franchises also carry out training, implementation and customization of our software solutions. We also have ten non-exclusive sales representatives that operate in certain other regions.

Our franchises and sales representatives receive as commission a percentage of the licensing income they generate. Our franchises also receive a percentage of the maintenance revenue generated by customers located in regions where they operate. All billing of our customers for sales generated by our indirect channels is carried out directly by us. Our headquarters and branch offices serve as models for the operational, sales and technical activities of our franchisees. We have a department that controls, monitors and coordinates with our franchises and sales representatives while assisting them in the development of operational, sales, administrative and marketing strategies. The activities of our franchises are also monitored by customer satisfaction surveys administered by our sales agents.