São Paulo, October 18, 2017 – LINX S.A. (B3: LINX3), pursuant to the paragraph 4 of article 157 of Law 6404, of December 15, 1976, as amended and in force (“Brazilian Corporate Law”), and the Normative Regulation 358, of January 03, 2002, as amended, hereby informs the market and Shareholders the acquisition of Sback Tecnologia Da Informação Ltda. (“Shopback“), through the signing, on October 18, 2017, of a Purchase and Sale of Shares Agreement by Linx Sistemas e Consultoria Ltda. (“Linx“), a subsidiary of the Company, for 100% of the shares of Shopback. The acquired company has the leading cloud platform in technologies of retention, reengagement and recapture through Big Data and Intelligence for engagement. We estimate that about 85% of the Brazilian e-commerce go monthly thru this platform, turning Linx into the leader in this segment. The gross revenue of Shopback in the last twelve months was BRL15 million.

For the acquisition, Linx will pay BRL39,000,000.00 (thirty nine million reais) in one installment. Additionally, subject to the achievement of financial and operating targets, Linx could pay up to BRL17,558,000.00 (seventeen million five hundred fifty eight thousand reais) during the next three years.

This latest acquisition is in line with the Company‘s strategic goal of acquiring technologies for retail. In this case, the focus is to strengthen our portfolio of solutions that increase the customers’ profitability, opening new markets and reaching new customer profiles.

The acquisition was approved by the Company´s Board of Directors on the date of signing the Contract, pursuant to article 23, item (xxvii) of the Company‘s Bylaws, with approval being waived at a Shareholders´ Meeting, since this acquisition is not covered by the article 256 of the Brazilian Corporate Law (Lei das Sociedades por Ações).


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