São Paulo, September 26, 2019 – LINX S.A. (B3: LINX3 and NYSE: LINX) (“Company”) in compliance with the provisions of Article 157, Paragraph 4, of Law no. 6,404, of December 15, 1976, as amended and in effect (“Brazilian Corporate Law”), and CVM Instruction no. 358, of January 3, 2002, as amended, hereby announces the termination of the Shareholders Agreement of the Company’s Controlling Block, signed by the parties of the Founding Block Shareholders’ Agreement and certain executives which held the Company’s stock prior to the IPO at the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) on December 3, 2012.

The Controlling Block Shareholder Agreement has been terminated because it became innocuous during the last few years due to the termination and retirement of most of its signatories.

The Company hereby highlights that the Founding Block Shareholders´ Agreement, signed on June 30, 2014 between Nercio José Monteiro Fernandes, Alberto Menache, Alon Dayan and Daniel Mayo is still in force.


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