São Paulo, September 30, 2019 – LINX S.A. (“Company”), leader and retail technology specialist, announces to its shareholders and the market that it has signed a partnership with Delivery Center, a delivery company that uses hubs for distribution from shopping malls, commercial buildings and dark malls (exclusive spaces for delivery), for integration of the Order Management System (OMS) platform with the Delivery Center express collection and delivery service to enable accelerated delivery of orders generated by omnichannel sales.

The partnership between the Company and Delivery Center will allow the retailer with an omnichannel operation with Linx to offer their customer an order delivery within one hour. This will be possible because with the adoption of OMS the retailers will be able to transform their stores into distribution centers, which will separate the products in the inventory and make them available for Delivery Center to collect and make an express delivery.

The signing of this partnership is another step of Linx to reinforce its omnichannel strategy, which is an important retail trend and represents an important growth opportunity for the Company. In this case, the rationale is to strengthen the OMS platform ecosystem with express collection and delivery services.


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