– Linx’s 35th anniversary.

– Acquisition of PinPag, fintech specialized in means of payment and offers customized and disruptive installment solutions for retailers.

– Acquisition of Neemo, one of the pioneers in customized delivery solutions through the integration of the establishment’s delivery application and its e-commerce platform, offering consumers an omnichannel experience.

–  Signing of the “Association Agreement” and approval by the Board of Directors for the business combination of the company and STNE.

– Acquisition of Humanus, software for back-office solutions, meeting the needs of HR and offering a complete service from it is end-to-end platform.

– Acquisition of Mercadapp, a white label platform of online solutions for small and medium-sized supermarkets, serving end-to-end operations and enabling the strengthening of app delivery solutions.






– Acquisition of Hiper Software S.A., a software house focused on SaaS solutions for micro and small retailers.

– Acquisition of Millennium, a reference in ERP solution for e-commerce in the SaaS model that allows the retailer, along with other technologies, to offer the consumer an omnichannel experience.

– Acquisition of SetaDigital, a reference in ERP and POS solutions for the retail footwear sector.


– Creation of Linx Impulse, a complete set of solutions, fruit of the union of four specialists: Neemu, Chaordic, ShopBack and Percycle.

– Acquisition of Itec Brazil, a management software and pharmacy automation software, focusing on medium and large networks.

– Acquisition of Único Sistemas, a technology company integrated with PDV and ERP, a specialist in purchasing behavior solutions and customer profile.

– Acquisition of the DCG group, one of the largest specialists in digital solutions in Brazil, focused on technology for digital sales.






– First international acquisition of Linx: Synthesis, Buenos Aires group, specializing in POS, TEF and promotion engine for large retail chains.

– Acquisition of ShopBack, a specialist in cross-platform SaaS, focused on the retention and reengagement of site users.

– Acquisition of Percycle, the largest online native media company, ad specialist, shop windows and banners for e-commerce.

– Acquisition of Intercamp Sistemas, a company from Campinas, developer of the Posto Fácil system, present in 19 Brazilian states.







– Linx’s 30th anniversary.

– Acquisition of Chaordic, startup expert on product recommendation for e-commerce platforms and Neemu, startup expert in search for e-commerce.

– Acquisition of Rezende Sistemas, a company specialized in management, automation and outsourcing of infrastructure for food services, gas stations and convenience stores.

– Acquisition of Big Sistemas, a software specialist for the pharmacy and drugstore segment.

– Acquisition of Softpharma company, specialists in management systems for small and medium-sized pharmacies.







– IPO in the Novo Mercado segment of B3.

– Acquisition of Direção e Vendedor, suppliers of cloud solutions for electronic payment means and commercial automation (POS) software.

– Acquisition of LZT and Ionics, companies specialized in solutions for fuel stations.

– Acquisition of Opus Software, a company that develops systems specialized in management and automation of franchises.

– Launch of Linx Retail CRM.

– Acquisition of Compacta Tecnologia, a network solutions company for the food sector in Brazil and in countries such as Argentina, Paraguay and Angola.

– Acquisition of Bitix, a startup concealed by PUC-Rio, which develops Omnichannel solutions and enables greater integration between sales channels focused on mobility.







– Acquisition Custom, technology company for clothing and electronics.

– Purchase from Spress, a specialist software company for dealerships.

– Acquisition of Microvix, a company specialized in cloud and systems for franchises.

– Start of the partnership with the American fund General Atlantic.

– Acquisition of companies Dia System and CNP, both specialists in software for the concessionaire segment.

– Opening of the subsidiaries of Belo Horizonte and Recife.







– Start of the Cloud Service offer.

– Acquisition of CSI, specialist in systems for supermarkets, drugstores and electronics stores.

– Acquisition of Formata, an intelligence company for clothing stores.

– Acquisition of Inter Commerce, a solutions company for building materials stores.

– Acquisition of Quadrant, technology company for the clothing segment.

– Linx opens its first subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro.







Creation of Linx S.A. to concentrate the equity interest of all companies in the group.
Start of the Channel Program for ERP Linx sales.







Preparing for the Millennium Bug helps the company accumulate new skills and lay the foundation for the strong growth that would occur in the next decade.
Launch of the Linx ERP system on the Windows platform, with Microsoft SQL database.







Start of the partnership with Ellus, a company consolidated in the fashion market. The alliance helps consolidate the strong client base in the clothing segment.
Nércio Fernandes, founder and current chairman of the Board of Directors of Linx, sold his Monza to open Microserv Comércio e Consultoria Ltda, starting the company’s activities with the MicroMalhas system.




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